Neck checkTHYROID NODULES, GOITERS, AND HYPERTHYROIDISM. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland of the front of your neck which secretes a hormone that controls your metabolism. Sometimes it forms nodules and must be removed to treat cancer or suspected cancer or because an enlarged thyroid is causing problems with breathing or swallowing. Other times, it is secreting too much hormone, as in Graves’ disease or a toxic nodules and must be removed for that reason.

HYPERPARATHYROIDISM is diagnosed when your body’s calcium is too high. The parathyroids are four tiny glands in the neck that exist near the thyroid gland. They control your body’s utilization of calcium. When they are abnormal, they can cause osteoporosis or weak bones, fatigue, problems concentrating and kidney stones.

THYROGLOSSAL DUCT CYST is a cystic mass in the middle of the front of the neck which is attached to the thyroid gland and runs up through a small bone in the neck called the hyoid bone.

BRANCHIAL CLEFT CYST is a cystic mass on the side of the neck. It is a remaining cyst left over from tissue that should have disappeared before birth.