Surgery South, P.C.OFFICE HOURS:

MONDAY through FRIDAY (except for holidays)
8:00 AM until 4:45 PM


The office number is 770-474-7287. If a clinical situation arises were you need to speak to a surgeon after hours a surgeon is always on call. The surgeon will not be able to handle any nonclinical situations and only urgent clinical ones. A surgeon can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our office phone number, 770-474-7287 and following the prompts.


Patients are seen on an appointment basis. However, every effort is made to accommodate those needing to be seen with problems that require more urgent attention.

If it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment, please notify us as soon as possible. We will make every effort to meet your scheduling needs.


Information required at the time of your visit includes the following:

  1. Patient Information Forms: This can be retrieved and/or completed by clicking on the red PATIENT REGISTRATION link at the top right corner of this webpage. Having done this prior to your visit will make your visit more efficient and save you time. You may complete and submit via the internet and/or print from your home computer and bring the papers with you. Online registration assists us in expediting the verification of your insurance eligibility and entry of your demographic information into our Electronic Medical Record system prior to your arrival. Forms that require your signature will be given to you in the office or you can print at home and return these with your signature. If you have not utilized the online registration and wish to complete the paperwork on the date of your appointment, please arrive 30 minutes in advance of your appointment time so we can assist you.
  2. Medications: This includes not only prescriptions but also over the counter and herbal medications.
  3. Test Reports: All x-rays or lab reports, performed in a physician’s office, hospitals, or outpatient facilities which are related to your evaluation should be brought to the office or verified by you that your physician’s office has faxed them to our facility. If you are being evaluated for a breast problem, we must have your imaging FILMS or DISKS, all mammograms, breast ultrasounds, etc. and also the related reports. Please contact the performing facility¬†at least 72 hours in advance of your appointment¬†to let them know that you will pick these up for your appointment in our office.
  4. Name, address, and phone number of all physicians that are currently providing medical care to you.


Surgery South will verify your insurance eligibility upon receipt of your financial information. To do this, we need you to provide complete and accurate information. We ask that you assist us by informing our staff of any changes in your health insurance, employer, address, marital, or dependent status. Please bring your insurance card and a picture ID at the time of each visit. Patients that are not insured will meet with our financial advisor to discuss financial arrangements required for their care needs.

  1. Referrals: Many insurance plans require your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to request a referral to our practice. This is submitted by your PCP to your insurance company and when approved, a referral number and/or letter is generated and provided to our office. If you are on a plan with this policy, this referral number must be received by our office prior to your appointment time. Your insurance company will not cover the fees associated with your visit to our office without a referral number and you will be rendered responsible for the payment of the visit at the time of your appointment.
  2. Fees: Our billing department will submit all covered office visits and surgery fees to your insurance company. Prior to scheduling surgery, information obtained from your insurance company, regarding deductible amounts remaining and co-insurance patient responsibility, will be discussed with you. This amount must be paid prior the scheduling of elective surgery. Your insurance company denotes General Surgery as a specialist category and the co-pay must be paid at the time of your office visit. There is a $25.00 fee for the completion of forms such as disability, FMLA papers, etc. There is also a $35.00 return check fee. All procedures not covered by your insurance company must be paid in full prior to the time of service.
  3. Payment Options: Surgery South accepts VISA, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit cards as well as personal checks, cash, and debit cards.

If you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed in our policies, please do not hesitate to contact us.