Frequently Asked QuestionsBusiness/Financial Questions:

Q: What health insurance plans do you accept?
A: We accept most major health insurance plans. You can contact your insurance carrier for current provider and facility status.

Q: What do I need to bring with me to my office appointment?
A: Your insurance card, a photo I.D., referral information from your ordering physician, test results including lab, x-ray, (actual films if you are being seen for a breast evaluation), and a list of your current medications and allergies. Please have a list of all physicians who are currently treating you along with their address and phone number.

Q: If a referral is needed, do I check with the office to make sure it has been received prior to my visit?
A: Yes. If a referral is needed, it must be active for the time of your visit. Please contact your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to verify they have submitted information to your insurance carrier for the generation of a referral.

Q: Will there be a co-pay to see a physician?
A: Co-pays are established by your insurance plan and are collected at the time of visit. General Surgery evaluations are considered “specialty” co-pay.

Q: Will you file insurance with more than one insurance company?
A: Yes. Please bring documentation, cards, etc. of all plans so we can verify eligibility and these will be submitted promptly upon receipt of your primary insurance payment.

Q: Do you accept Worker’s Comp?
A: Yes, provided the incident has been properly reported and approval to evaluate and treat has been received from the carrier with a claim/authorization number.

Q: Do you accept third party payers?
A: No. This is a contract with you as the patient, not the provider. Payment is directed to you, not the office.

Q: Who will take care of my disability, FMLA forms, etc.?
A: The clinical staff completes all inquiry forms. Please bring these to the office as soon as possible and allow 5-7 days for completion. There is a $25.00 charge for the form.

Q: How can I tell if one of your web-based forms is secure or uses SSL?
A: Several of our web-based forms have been made available on Web pages in a secure sockets layer (SSL) environment that utilizes 128-bit encryption. Utilizing SSL technology enables information that is entered into these HTML forms to be encrypted, so that it is extremely difficult for anyone to intercept and read information between your computer and the server to which you are making a connection.

Clinical Questions:

Q: Will my surgery be performed in your office?
A: Office based procedures such as applicable biopsies of the breast with ultrasound, incision and drainage of abscess, and thrombosed hemorrhoids can sometimes be accomplished in the office if appropriate. Surgeries that require anesthesia are performed in the hospital setting, most of which are outpatient or same day surgery and discharge.

Q: How long will it be before my surgery is scheduled?
A: If your surgery is deemed an emergency, this is accomplished immediately. Elective surgery is usually scheduled within 3-7 days and is based on the pre-certification requirements of your insurance company, potential medical clearance results from your primary care, cardiologist, etc.

Q: How will I be notified?
A: One of the members of our clinical department will contact you with information regarding the date and time of your procedure. A pre-operative visit at the hospital will occur usually 2-7 days prior to your surgery date. This will include an assessment by the anesthesia department also. A post operative visit in our office will also be given to you and will usually occur 4-7 days after surgery. Our business office will assist you with information regarding deductible amounts and co-pays which must be paid prior to elective procedures.

Q: Who will give me instructions regarding care after surgery?
A: The clinical staff will provide you with both verbal and written instructions at the visit time which determined the need for surgery. These will be reviewed with you. You will also be given instructions at the hospital after the surgery. Please contact our clinical staff anytime regarding additional questions or clarification of the instructions.

Q: When can I resume my activities and return to work?
A: This is dependent on several factors: type of surgery, your occupation, and your rate of recovery. This date will be determined at the time of your post operative visits to our office.

Q: What do I do if I have problems at night or on weekends?
A: Just call our main office number of 770-474-7287 and follow the prompts. One of our physicians is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Refill for prescription pain medicine should be requested during normal office hours .

Q: Can I drive myself home after my surgery?
A: No. Patients receiving anesthesia and/or those under prescription pain medicine should not operate a motor vehicle.