Neck checkTHYROID MASSES AND GOITERS. The thyroid gland is in the middle lower portion of the front of your neck and it secretes a hormone that controls your metabolism. Sometimes the gland forms masses that can be removed to treat a cancer or because the mass is causing problems with breathing or swallowing.

THYROGLOSSAL DUCT CYST is a cystic mass in the middle of the front of the neck which is attached to the thyroid gland and runs up through a small bone in the neck called the hyoid bone.

BRANCHIAL CLEFT CYST is a cystic mass on the side of the neck. It is a left over cyst from tissue that was supposed to disappear as a fetus.

HYPERPARATHYROIDISM comes from small glands in the neck that exist near the thyroid gland. These glands control your body’s utilization of calcium.   When they are abnormal they can cause calcium bone loss, fatigue, problems concentrating and kidney stones.